Your Company Deserves to Shine!  Let us provide you with the Visual Tools to attract new clients and retain loyal customers. A huge part of Marketing is Social Media...AND aerial photos and videos can really help you stand apart from the crowd.

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY provides a stunning "birds-eye" view of your company and/or the services you provide.  In addition, aerial photography can provide amazing "before and after" documentation of your services.


AERIAL VIDEOGRAPHY shot in 4K reveals the dynamic relationships to various parts of your client's property as well as the overall community feel.

INTERIOR/EXTERIOR HDR PHOTOGRAPHY for marketing, grabs the viewers’ attention and provides a clear and appealing representation of the your company and/or services. Using a special wide angle lens as well as other professional tools and techniques we will be able to highlight your team of employees and special features throughout your company.

INTERIOR VIDEOGRAPHY (Video "Walk-through") taken in 4K video with a hand-held gimbal stabilized camera will give the viewer the most realistic representation of the interior workings of your company and/or services. The "walk-through" will provide a logical and progressive overview of your company and/or services and will provide clients with confidence to put their trust in you.



Rescheduling of appointments may be necessary because of weather or other FAA  requirements
Every effort will be made to get the shots you desire; however, because of FAA flight restrictions  (No Fly Zones, Height Limits, etc) that may not always be possible
Because of additional time and size, projects greater than 3,000 sq feet or 2 acres may require an additional fee (+$50.00/1,000 sq feet or acre)
Locations greater than 20 miles away from Lake Worth will incur a per mile travel fee
Thank you for your understanding regarding the above information.